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We help our customers achieve success through the air. Especially this guy. Read how Airshare helps Kansas City Chiefs’ two-time NFL MVP star quarterback Patrick Mahomes accomplish more in the air before taking the field.


Phil McKee, Appliance Innovation

Always on the move and needs that are ever growing, McKee describes how flying private has not only provided ease and convenience but also efficiency when it comes to his life and business operations.


Robert Shaw, Columbus Realty Partners

With over 15 years of flying with Airshare, Shaw describes how flying private has given him more time to focus on growing his business and less time in airports.


Rob Cohen, IMA Financial Group

“That flexibility on trips, it probably comes into play on almost every trip that we take.”


Madison Murphy, Murphy USA and Presqu’ile Winery

“It really provides us, both from a business perspective and a personal perspective, a degree of latitude and optionality that I particularly value.”


Robert Phillips, Crestwood

Robert Phillips, currently serving as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Crestwood Equity Partners LP, shares the benefits of being an Airshare customer and the significant impact our days-based model has on his company.


Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs

“As a head coach, efficiency is very important. Flying with Airshare is an unbelievable experience.”

Tom Watson getting of an Airshare plane


Tom Watson, PGA TOUR golfer

“I switched to Airshare because it saves money and provides efficiency without downgrading safety or service.”


Michael Kulp, KBP Investments

“Not to mention the hourly rates being more competitive, the usage that you get out of that same sixteenth share can be dramatically better with Airshare than with a competitor.”

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