Common Safety Questions

Our top priority is the safety of our customers, pilots, employees and aircraft. Airshare employees are highly trained and operate at the highest level of safety. Continue reading to learn more about our commitment to safety, safety ratings, and how we keep our customers and pilots safe.  What is Airshare’s current safety commitment statement,...

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What is an MRO in Aviation?

Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) is a common term utilized by many industries. This article explains what an MRO is, how it is used in the aviation industry, and the advantages of using Airshare as your MRO provider.  What is maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), and what role does it play in private aviation?  An MRO is an aircraft...

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Why You Should Consider Becoming a Managed Pilot

Being a pilot offers many opportunities, experiences, and relationships you'll never forget. As a pilot, you have the flexibility to choose from multiple career paths ranging from the airlines to the military or corporate and business aviation. There's a certain degree of overlap between each pilot job, including in-depth training on a specific...

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ON AIR Podcast: Pilot Compensation, Home Bases, and More

Airshare's Chief Pilot, Quinn Hamon, discusses our new pilot compensation package, the expansion of our home bases, the pilot culture at Airshare, and more. To learn about the advantages of being an Airshare pilot or to view our available openings, please visit our pilot careers page.       

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Why You Should Fly Private This Upcoming Spring Break

Spring Break is right around the corner, and travelers are beginning to book their much-needed vacations. Long lines, cancellations, and delayed flights are just a few reasons you may be reluctant to board a commercial flight. Consider these questions to determine if flying private is the best option for your upcoming spring break trip.   In what...

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* Rates shown are estimates only based on certain assumptions of Airshare. Rates for private jet travel do not include the acquisition or capital cost of the aircraft. Many factors affect the costs involved in operating business aircraft. The cost estimator is not intended as a budgeting tool and should not be relied upon as a prediction for the costs actually incurred. Airshare makes no representation or warranty to this effect and is not responsible for inaccurate prices. Rates shown do not consist of an offer by nor create any agreement of Airshare.

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