“Las Vegas, the venue for Super Bowl LVIII, could be a synonym for the private jet business entering 2024. After all, you arrive with high hopes and some money in your pocket. You leave a winner or loser, regardless of how much cash is left in your bank account.

However, five companies seemingly drew ace cards to start, at least from a public relations and marketing perspective.

At the top of the list is Overland Park, Kansas-based Airshare.

In June 2018, it signed a quarterback entering his second year in the NFL who had started one game in his rookie season as its spokesperson.

Patrick Mahomes has taken Airshare’s hometown Chiefs to six straight AFC championships, four Super Bowls, and, later today in Las Vegas, a potential third Lombardi Trophy.

The company used the future Hall of Famer as it expanded into Florida last year.” – Forbes

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