EMBARK Private Jet Card

Pay as you fly with the EMBARK Jet Card.

Whether a business or leisure traveler, the EMBARK Jet Card is best for those whose travel needs are 5-10 trips annually, as it provides access to ten travel days with unlimited hours* over 24 months. Unlike most jet cards requiring you to pay the entire balance upfront, Airshare only charges you for the purchase price of the card in advance. You then simply pay for your flight hours when you fly. Above all, flying private with Airshare allows you to experience the safety, efficiency, and peace of mind you deserve.

Similar to our fractional ownership program, you select your primary aircraft and have the ability to interchange between both aircraft in our fleet, making your flights as economical as possible. The Phenom 300 is great for longer trips with more passengers, and the Phenom 100 is available for shorter trips with fewer passengers.

*Based on customer’s allocation of days with a maximum 14-hour crew duty day.

EMBARK Makes Travel Sense

  • Lower upfront cost
  • Program fees can be escrowed through our private bank partner to ensure your investment is protected
  • You have 24 months to consume your flight days
  • Never any minimum fees and zero ownership required
  • Access to approximately ten times the number of airports a commercial airline can fly
  • Ability to interchange between the Phenom 100 and Phenom 300

Let’s get started.

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Simple Program Pricing


If you only need 10 days a year, or would like to try the program out before you buy a share, the EMBARK Jet Card is the perfect fit for you. And, like our fractional ownership or lease, you won’t be limited in the number of hours you can fly.*

EMBARK Jet Card = 10 days = unlimited hours

EMBARK Jet Card pricing consists of two simple components


Acquisition Cost

This acquisition cost is the initial cost of purchasing an EMBARK Card. Monthly management fees are also included in this cost.



Hourly Rates

The Hourly Rate covers fuel, maintenance and crew expenses associated with usage of your aircraft.

* Based on customer’s allocation of days with a maximum 14-hour crew duty day.

Is an EMBARK Jet Card right for you?

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* Rates shown are estimates only based on certain assumptions of Airshare. Rates for private jet travel do not include the acquisition or capital cost of the aircraft. Many factors affect the costs involved in operating business aircraft. The cost estimator is not intended as a budgeting tool and should not be relied upon as a prediction for the costs actually incurred. Airshare makes no representation or warranty to this effect and is not responsible for inaccurate prices. Rates shown do not consist of an offer by nor create any agreement of Airshare.

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