Pilot Team

The very best in the sky.

We hire our pilots based not only on the strictest criteria in the industry, but also on their ability to provide you with the extra level of care you should expect in the air. As a result, you’ll fly with pilots dedicated to the highest standards of safety – and service. They’ll become more than just your flight crew, they’ll get to know you, your family and your colleagues. Our pilots pride themselves in establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships with each of our customers.

Customized service for any trip.

Your Airshare flight crew stays with you throughout your day when you need them. So, if you need to leave early, they’re ready. With our pilots, you can always expect flexibility, peace of mind and convenience throughout your entire trip.

Our experience requirements for pilots.

  • Our pilots are all FAA type-rated in the aircraft they are flying.
  • Each Pilot in Command trains twice per year in a full-motion Level D simulator. 
  • Each Second in Command pilot trains at least once per year in a full-motion Level D simulator.
  • Training includes company indoctrination training taught by Airshare instructors, aircraft systems training and then flight training.

Interested in joining our team?