Look good and feel good when flying in the stylish comfort of the Phenom 300.

There’s a reason the Phenom 300 remains the top-performing jet in its class. Pilots love to fly it, and customers love to fly in it. The most elegantly engineered aircraft in its category is safe, reliable, and comfortable.

Featuring the largest cabin in its class, this aircraft lets you stretch out and relax while conducting business or catching up on a little downtime. But don’t get too comfortable, because with its excellent range and a top cruising speed, you’ll be at your destination before you know it.

Aircraft Specs

495 MPH


2 pilots

4.4 hours*

76 cubic feet

8 passengers

* Aircraft range and performance is subject to weather, wind, temperature, passenger and luggage weights, runway elevation and condition.

Cabin Highlights

Roomiest cabin in its class
Largest windows in its class
Largest baggage compartment in its class
Refreshment center
Fully enclosed aft lavatory
Bluetooth connectivity
USB Charging outlets*
7-inch video screens*

* Available on select tail numbers.

Spacious Comfort

The Phenom 300 has a spacious cabin with enough room for the whole family, even the furry ones. It boasts the largest windows in this class of aircraft, which adds to the overall openness. Plus, if you have a shorter trip, save on the cost and interchange down to the Phenom 100 for a familiar look and feel.

Flight Range

The Phenom 300 offers superb range, 1,800 miles to be exact. This best-in-class jet can take you far. See just how far you can go and how long it will take you.

* Aircraft range and performance is subject to weather, wind, temperature, passenger and luggage weights, runway elevation and condition.

Phenom 300E Cabin Layout

Phenom 300 Cabin Layout

We operate both Phenom 300 and Phenom 300E aircraft in our fractional fleet. The Phenom 300E features an enhanced cabin, with an aft divan replacing the first single seat.

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Phenom 300

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Required Fuel Stops


Each required fuel stop adds an average of 60 minutes to the trip.

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