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An impromptu business meeting three time zones away. A whimsical getaway to wine country. Your favorite band, in concert, out of town, one night only. Such situations call for a more exclusive and efficient option than flying commercial. Charter with Airshare, where we can accommodate even the tightest schedule or most specific need to put you at ease during your flight.

  • Over 18 years of experience with private and business charter services.
  • Professional flight operations unmatched in aviation.
  • A reputation for outstanding customer service, including an exceptional network of past and current customer referrals.

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Toll-Free Charter Scheduling

Begin your booking experience by giving us a call at 877.372.5136 or by emailing us at

What do you get when you charter a flight with Airshare?

Ease of Planning

When you book with Airshare, we take care of every detail from start to finish. We do it all, from catering to ground transportation to coordinating special surprises for significant life events. Allow our team to get you there safely while making every moment matter along the way.

Unmatched Safety Standards

At Airshare, safety is our number one priority. It’s why we’ve received the IS-BAO Stage 3 and ARGUS Platinum designations. We are an FAA Part 145 Repair Station, and we have earned the highly-coveted position as an Embraer Authorized Service Center. Over the years, we’ve developed such a strong relationship with Embraer that we were the launch customer for the new Phenom 100 in 2009, the first fractional program to feature the Phenom 300 in 2010.

Wide Choice of Aircraft

With a diverse fleet of aircraft and access to thousands of additional aircraft worldwide, we can accommodate all your travel needs.

Flexible Scheduling

Whether you are planning far in advance or have a last-minute trip, our Charter Services team will accommodate your schedule. We can even have you in the air within three hours of your signed contract.

Unlimited Destinations

No matter the destination, our Charter Services team will get you there. Whether you are flying within North America or looking for flights during a European getaway, we have you covered.

Charter Flight Cost Estimate Calculator

About the Charter Flight Cost Calculator

While all charter flights are unique, pricing for each flight includes:

  • Crew
  • Fuel
  • On-Board Amenities
  • Applicable taxes
  • All flights quoted are for the entire aircraft and not on a per-seat basis

Empty Legs:

  • The prices shown are estimates
  • Legs posted are subject to availability at the time of booking
  • Prices quoted are for the entire aircraft, and not on a per-seat basis

Charter Pricing

We have a diverse fleet of aircraft for charter, with access to thousands of additional aircraft worldwide to accommodate your travel needs. We’ll work with your schedule to ensure you have everything you need to make your trip a success and we’ll do the leg work to find you the best price for each trip, each time.

Aircraft types available with examples and estimated hourly rates

Turbo Prop

King Air
3-5 hours flight time
6-8 passengers

Very Light Jet

Hondajet, Phenom 100
2-3 hours flight time
2-4 passengers

Light/Superlight Jet

Citation CJ4, Phenom 300
2-4 hours flight time
6-8 passengers

Midsized Cabin Jet

Citation XLS, Citation Latitude
3-5 hours flight time
6-9 passengers

Super-Midsize Cabin Jet

Challenger 300, Legacy 500
3-5 hours flight time
8-10 passengers

Large Cabin Jet

G-IV, Falcon 2000, Falcon 900
5+ hours flight time
10-13 passengers

Ultra-Long Range Jet

Gulfstream G-550, Global 5000, Falcon 7X
10+ hours flight time
12+ passengers

Charter costs fluctuate on peak travel days and do not include incurred fees, daily minimums or other services.

Managed Aircraft Available For Charter

Airshare manages aircraft that are available on our charter certificate and has access to thousands of additional aircraft worldwide. Learn about some of the featured aircraft in our managed fleet by clicking the link below.

Who benefits from Charter Flights?

Business Traveler

The Business Traveler

With Airshare Charter Services, you can arrive exactly when you want, depart exactly when you want, and with access to hundreds of additional airports, you’ll get exactly where you want.  No lines, no layovers, and no waiting of any kind. Just a day designed around getting business done.


The Leisure Traveler

A one-of-a-kind trip calls for a one-of-a-kind experience. Leave the stress, waiting, and crowds of the commercial airport behind and begin your adventure more comfortably. With Airshare Charter Services, you’ll fly in exclusivity and complete control.

Medical Icon


When you or someone you are traveling with has a medical condition, it’s often more comfortable and even medically necessary to travel by charter. No matter if you or your loved one requires a more private cabin, a little extra assistance, or medical care while in the air, Airshare Charter Services will ensure you have the help and space you need.

Corporate Travel

Corporate Shuttles

(Regularly scheduled flights for large employee groups)

Whether you need to get your team to a monthly meeting 200 miles away, a quarterly event at your client’s headquarters, or just back home on the weekends, Airshare Charter Services will provide you and your employees with regular transport exactly when, where, and how you need.

Frequently Asked Charter Flight Questions

How long do private jet fuel stops take?

Fuel stops take an average of 30-40 minutes.

What is the shortest charter flight I can take?

There are no minimums – but some aircraft could have minimum flight times. For example, you may be billed for two hours for some aircraft despite only flying for one. Minimums will be disclosed at the time of booking.

What is the longest charter flight I can take?

There is no maximum – but longer flights could require fuel stops or overnights for crew rest. Crews are limited to a 14-hour crew duty day.

How many people can fit on Airshare’s largest charter jet?

We can accommodate a group of any size. Traditional private jets typically max out at 18 seats. For groups larger than that, we would be able to provide an airliner with either a VVIP, VIP, or First Class seating configuration throughout.

Do I have to hire my own charter flight crew?

The operator employs the crew.

Where can I fly with Airshare?

You can fly anywhere with Airshare.

What kind of in-flight amenities are available?

Flight amenities include Wi-Fi, complimentary snack & beverages, an enclosed lavatory, etc.

Can I fly with my pet?

It depends on the aircraft, but most are pet-friendly. A pet cleaning fee may be required and would be disclosed at the time of booking.

What about confidentiality?

When you fly with Airshare, it’s entirely confidential. We do not share your contact information with third parties, and Airshare’s internal accounting department processes payments.