In a recent interview with Forbes, Airshare’s Chief Marketing Officer, Andy Tretiak, discusses the benefits of fractional ownership and his predictions on upcoming industry trends. Read his interview below. 

Describe your ideal market.

Airshare offers a full suite of private aviation solutions, therefore the ideal market for us is simply anyone with the need to fly private, whether it be providing a specific number of trips per year or managing a wholly owned aircraft on behalf of a customer. We offer aircraft management, fractional ownership, jet cards and charter services. Many of our customers use multiple solutions to fulfill their private travel needs.

What are the advantages of fractional ownership?

Fractional ownership provides access to an entire fleet of aircraft, and you are only committed to paying for your portion of the specific tail you own in. The productivity and efficiency of flying private versus commercial is incomparable at this point. With the Airshare Fractional Program, you have the flexibility to choose between a Challenger 3500 or Phenom 300, and the plane and crew stays with you for the day when you need it. An additional advantage off flying with us is our ability to provide customers with unlimited flight hours in a day (based on customer’s allocation of days with a maximum 14-hour crew duty day.).

Can you predict some upcoming trends for the industry?

Sustainability efforts are going to continue to be prioritized within the industry. Our collective goal is to achieve zero emissions by 2050. With many private aviation companies going public, financial stability of operators will be more of a deciding factor among customers when choosing the right program for them. Strong financial performance and consistency in the ability to deliver outstanding customer service will be just as important as pricing, if not more so.

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