Phil McKee


Appliance Innovation Brand Logo - Green Triangle being overlapped by a slightly larger blue triangle that rests in place of the dot in the letter i in Appliance stacked over the word Innovation. Letters are in the color black.

Efficiency. Productivity. Convenience.

Phil McKee leverages Airshare to optimize his businesses. Manufacturers located in difficult-to-reach areas are no longer a challenge, with the ability for private flying directly into local airports reducing travel time by up to 24 hours – not only providing ease and convenience but also efficiency when it comes to business operations.

“When I was introduced to Airshare, it struck me how simple the program really was. I got 20 days a year. I got unlimited* use on each day and not knowing how any given day would unfold, that fit my need perfectly.” 

— Phil McKee, Founder and CEO of Appliance Innovation

Cooking Up Business

Phil McKee is a visionary in the culinary industry, having established Appliance Innovation as an international leader for providing innovative cooking solutions and technologies. With his guidance, Appliance Innovation’s cutting-edge products have been integrated into some of the largest convenience stores, coffee shops, hotels, and food service operations around the world – allowing them to cook up to five million meals daily. Moreover, he currently holds the role of Chairman on IterateBio LLC; demonstrating true dedication towards pushing all aspects related food technology forward.

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