Robert Shaw

Columbus Realty Partners

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Spend More Time Building Your Business.

Robert Shaw discusses how Airshare helps Columbus Realty Partners be more efficient. With over 15 years of flying with Airshare, Shaw describes how flying private has given him more time to focus on growing his business and less time in airports. With unlimited hours*, our program gives Mr. Shaw the ability to visit more destinations, get more done, and then safely get back to the people who matter most.  

*Based on customer’s allocation of days with a maximum 14-hour crew duty day.

Having that crew there waiting for you and you get done early, or you get done late, whatever it is, it just takes a lot of the pressure off and allows you to be more efficient. So, it’s really extending my business career. It allows me to enjoy the fruits of all my labor more than I could otherwise.”

Robert Shaw, CEO of Columbus Realty Partners

Robert Shaw headshot

Building a Legacy

Robert Shaw is a former first-round draft pick for the Dallas Cowboys. Shaw is now the CEO of Columbus Realty Partners, a leader in multifamily and mixed-use projects in Texas. Founded in 1987 in Dallas, TX, Columbus Realty Partners has built a legacy of notable developments, including Uptown Dallas’ apartment building boom and Twelve Cowboys Way.

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