Michael Kulp


Rapidly expanding franchisee utilizes Airshare to grow business while maintaining a healthy work-life balance

Michael Kulp, President and Chief Executive Officer of KBP Investments, shares the benefits of being an Airshare customer, and specifically how our program allows his team to minimize travel days (including time away from home) by flying directly into and out of multiple locations in one day that otherwise would not be easily accessible via commercial airlines.

Not to mention the hourly rates being more competitive, the usage that you get out of that same sixteenth share can be dramatically better with Airshare than with a competitor.”

— Michael Kulp, President and Chief Executive Officer

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Twenty Years of Growth and Greatness

KBP Investments is a leading restaurant franchise group with a clear vision: to create a great place to work, a great place to eat and a great place to own. KBP Investments is guided by the mission to maintain a passion for excellence in all that they do. They acknowledge the threat of mediocrity faced by growing organizations and combat this with an insurgency, a never-ending fight for greatness.

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