The most valuable currency for any executive is time. Whether in one’s personal or business life, finding ways to save time is a key factor in enhancing productivity. Private aviation is a great answer to maximizing the hours in a busy person’s day. Airshare clients agree that the biggest draw in choosing to charter a private jet is the control they have over their schedule. More than wanting to avoid long TSA lines associated with commercial or being frustrated with large crowds at baggage claim, the ability to depart and land in the airport of their choosing at the time most convenient for them is a top reason cited for renting a plane. While it is an expedient and low-stress way to get around there are factors to understand when choosing private for business or pleasure travel.

On a commercial airline trip, passengers pay only for the cost of the seats they use, while a business jet has the expenses of the entire aircraft to consider, however chartering a private jet is more affordable than you might expect. At Airshare we pride ourselves on finding the best options for our clients; when the seats on the plane are full or close to it, costs can be similar to everyone on board having purchased a first-class ticket. Fares are more stable than commercial flights and the traveler who frequents the same route or routes will have a good understanding of their per-trip price allowing for easy budget planning. Those who travel 25 hours or more per year can enroll in benefit programs like the EMBARK jet card that allow purchasing a block of hours at a locked-in rate for a predetermined amount of time.  Customers who travel less often may see larger swings in their fares. In addition, having some flexibility in the local airports you travel to and from and having the flexibility to leave any time during a particular day or days can help in securing the best price the market has to offer.

A huge advantage of a private jet charter is the ability to book trips on short notice, sometimes even just a few hours in advance, and to show up just minutes before your flight departs. While that kind of fast turn around can be accommodated it is important to realize that the size of the plane and price point of the flight may be affected. More typically, trips are booked about 3-7 days out from departure.

Similar to commercial flying, charter flights are extremely busy during the major holidays and around big sporting events like the Super Bowl, College Football Playoffs, March Madness, the Masters, and the Kentucky Derby. Flight availability is more limited so having a flexible schedule during these high traffic times and considering flying a few days before or after the busiest dates will not only help with the number of available aircraft but the fare as well. High-traffic events often incur a special events fee so always ask about any additional costs at the time of booking.

Booking a private jet charter is simple and is most commonly done through Charter Brokers or directly with the operator. Airshare has the ability to act as both. There are several important details to confirm when booking a charter flight. Always ensure that the aircraft is legal to fly charters and that the crew has been properly trained. Every aircraft type has different allowances for range, luggage, and passengers, understanding those at the time of the reservation will save on unwanted surprises when it’s time to leave. Just like a commercial flight, there is a government-mandated list of prohibited items that must be followed but when chartering a jet you skip the TSA screening process, which means avoiding lines, ultimately giving you more time in your day.

When it is required or requested, certain trips will have a Flight Attendant but typically a jet charter includes the passengers and the flight crew only. The friendly crew is there to accommodate your needs and will have as much or little interaction as you would like. Once onboard you can just sit back and enjoy a safe and peaceful experience.

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Chase Martin is the Manager of Owner Services and Charter Sales at Airshare. He is based in Fort Worth, TX.