On-demand private jet charters, or ad hoc charters, are generally one-off trips requested by an end-user. This type of private jet travel is the least committal, as you do not have to put down a deposit or carry out a certain number of flight hours over a given period of time. Learn more about on-demand private jet charters and determine if it’s the right fit for you.

Where can you fly?

With a diverse fleet of aircraft and access to thousands of additional aircraft worldwide, we can accommodate your travel needs anywhere in the world. Please note that certain limitations exist including, but not limited to runway length, country-specific entry/exit guidelines, and travel restrictions and advisories.

What are the pros and cons of on-demand jet charter services?

Pros – The ability to choose from the widest variety of aircraft, can price shop, and have no commitment beyond the requested trip.

Cons – Availability is scarce in today’s market, aircraft age/quality can vary considerably, and it is typically more expensive than the hourly rates under a fractional or card program.

In what situations are on-demand charters the best option for C-suite executives and business professionals? When should this audience consider other jet program options?

On-demand charters are best for C-suite executives and business professionals when the company is averse to putting an asset like a fractional share or whole aircraft on the books. Additionally, it is recommended for short notice, one-off trips, or if customers need something larger or smaller than what they currently have access to. 

This audience should consider other jet programs if they take frequent business trips, operate in multiple markets, or have the financial means to buy a jet card, purchase a lease in a fractional program or purchase an aircraft. 

In what situations are on-demand charters the best option for leisure travelers? When should this audience consider other jet program options?

On-demand jet charters are best for leisure travelers that take a short-notice trip or have a larger or smaller than normal travel party.  

Leisure travelers should begin to consider other private aviation programs when flight hours start to creep up to 25+ hours annually, in which a card program may be a better option from a price and consistency standpoint. If usage increases to 50+ hours a year, it’s recommended for travelers to join a fractional program. 

Are on-demand jet charters a good starting point for someone who wants to try flying private?

Yes, charter allows you to test the waters of private travel and different aircraft types without committing to a program or purchasing your own aircraft. 

Is the demand increasing for private jet charters?

Yes, charter demand is at record highs. This demand is due to commercial travel difficulties – routes no longer available, unpredictable cancellations, airline mandates, COVID restrictions, and more. Demand has increased 50-75% of pre-pandemic levels internally, and in some cases, pricing has jumped nearly 200%In today’s market, it all comes down to availability and being proactive when looking to source an aircraft or book a trip. 

How are on-demand private jet charters different from other jet programs offered by Airshare?

Private jet charters are less committal, paid for on a per-trip basis rather than a deposit or acquisition cost. Additional jet programs include:  

  • EMBARK Jet Card – Best for those whose travel needs are 5-10 trips annually.  
  • Fractional Jet Ownership – Best for those who typically travel for 15 or more trips annually.  
  • Aircraft Management – Best for those who plan to utilize the plane for at least 100 days (or 250 hours) per year.  

On-demand private jet charters allow you greater flexibility and access to a diverse fleet of aircraft. Learn more about our charter services, and contact us today to get started.