Tom Watson in front of an Airshare jet

Many people know Tom Watson for his legendary professional golf career, but fewer know him as a frequent private flier and a fractional shareowner with Airshare. A Kansas City native, Watson has been an Airshare partner for more than 15 years now – and it continues to fit his changing needs with every passing year.


Not only does Watson have a number of illustrious wins on the course, he’s also highly active in local charitable endeavors, including his generous support of Children’s Mercy Hospital, commitment to raising awareness of ALS, and the development of golf courses for junior players. In 1999, he was named an honorary member of the Royal & Ancient GC of St. Andrews, joining fellow greats like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, former President George Bush and Gene Sarazen.

Tom still calls KC home, but his full life continues to take him many places. Through all of his efforts, competitions and adventures, he has always been an avid traveler, relying on Airshare to help him remain active in his various communities. After years of flying first class on commercial airlines, Watson recalls one pivotal moment that inspired him to change the way he traveled for good.

One day back in the mid-nineties, his friends were sharing travel stories and mentioned how much time and money they were saving through private travel. Watson was shocked to hear others say they were cutting their travel and preparation time almost in half – leaving more time for living.


Tom has always valued flexibility and service in his travels. When he was playing on the Senior PGA Tour, last-minute schedule changes were standard. Watson could always count on the Airshare team to be agile when changes happened, allowing him to keep scheduled appearances, events and interviews without affecting his play schedule. “Without fail, Airshare has always been able to change to accommodate my needs and I surely appreciate that. Even from the very beginning, I knew I made the best choice,” he says.

Following his retirement in 2019, his life looks different but no less busy. He spends more time traveling for personal fulfillment than for competition. And, he’s been with Airshare so long that they’ve grown with him – adjusting to fit his lifestyle as he’s transitioned from being a professional golfer to a retired legend still making moves.


As one of Airshare’s most long-standing and valued partners, Watson enjoys all the benefits of private aircraft ownership with his shareowner status. Watson credits his decision to partner with Airshare to simplicity and value. “The real reason I switched to Airshare is economics. It saves you money and provides efficiency without downgrading safety or service,” says Watson. He loves being able to utilize different aircraft for different trip legs, flight durations and his number of companions. He can easily call in changes and enjoy personalized service, the ability to interchange and the surroundings of modern, comfortable aircraft from Airshare’s impressive fleet.

Airshare’s day-based model, which is more flexible and cost-efficient than the competition, allows Watson’s plane and crew to stay with him as long as he needs them, regardless of schedule or destination changes. Through Airshare’s fractional program, shares are available in increments of 1/16th and owners receive 20 days of usage per share with unlimited hours (up to 14-hours of crew duty per day).


For those who travel less frequently than Watson, or take about 10 trips a year, there’s an excellent option with Airshare’s EMBARK Jet Card. It gives you the same benefits as fractional ownership with a reduced number of travel days. Unlike similar cards, Airshare’s EMBARK doesn’t require upfront program fees, so you can fly on your terms and pay as you go.

Alternatively, Airshare’s Charter Services are perfect for those who need access to a large aircraft or have only a few time-sensitive trips per year. This option lets you bypass the frustrations of commercial travel and grants access to ten times as many airports as commercial airlines.

There’s a reason why savvy travelers like Tom Watson continue to choose Airshare even as their needs change. Airshare’s customizable programs are the best way to maximize your time and get the experience you deserve. From fractional programs to charter to whole aircraft management services, Airshare always has the ideal solution for anyone with an interest in private travel.

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