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Purchasing a private jet can be a significant investment. Not only monetarily but from a maintenance standpoint as well. Learn the difference between owning a private jet vs. fractional ownership and how Airshare can determine the best solution for you.




Think of fractional ownership (or lease) as a timeshare. You essentially purchase a portion of the aircraft necessary for your usage, typically in 1/16 interests. Unlike our competitors, we use a day-based model instead of an hour-based model. This model gives you 20 days of travel per year with unlimited* hours. With unlimited flight hours in a day, Airshare customers average as many as 100 hours in the air, while our competitors limit their customers to 50 hours on the same 1/16 share.  

Another advantage of flying in our fractional program is that the plane and crew stay with you for the entire day when you need it. So, you can use it for as long as you want and for as many stops as you need. You also will not be charged extra for peak days. And when you begin and end in the same location, your hourly rate is reduced by up to 35%. Like a timeshare, you share monthly expenses with other tenants. With fractional jet ownership, you can rest easy knowing the expenses are divided up amongst all other shareowners in your aircraft. 

Fractional ownership fees consist of three simple components: acquisition cost, monthly management fees, and hourly rates.  

  • Acquisition Cost – Acquisition cost is the initial cost of purchase or lease of a fractional share in an aircraft.  
  • Monthly Management Fees – Monthly management fees are shared expenses that include access to our owner services department. The fees also cover pilot salaries, insurance, hangar costs, and general monthly expenses. 
  • Hourly Rates – Hourly rates cover fuel, maintenance, and crew expenses associated with each hour you fly. 

Our Fractional Fleet

Another added benefit of fractional ownership is that you buy into a fleet. You may own a portion of one tail number, but that ownership allows you access to most, if not all, of the aircraft within the fractional fleet. Our fractional fleet consists of the Phenom 100Phenom 300 and Challenger 350. In addition, our program allows customers to interchange between certain aircraft. Better yet, if your assigned aircraft is in maintenance, you still have an aircraft that can take you where you need to go.  

Our fractional program is cost-effective and straightforward. No peak days. No limited usage of hours. Just safe, simple, and efficient. 




Whole aircraft ownership is an alternative to buying or leasing a share of an aircraft. Think of this as buying your own home. You are financially responsible for all aspects of the aircraft, including purchasing the aircraft, hiring pilots and paying their salary, insurance, hangar costs, maintenance, general monthly expenses, fuel, and more. Purchasing an aircraft is typically recommended once you plan to utilize the plane for at least 100 days (or 250 hours) per year. If you want to purchase an aircraft but you only need the airplane for a portion of that time, you can offset your cost by allowing an aircraft management company, such as Airshare, to charter your aircraft when you are not using it. Chartering your aircraft can generate additional income to help offset your overall costs.  

If purchasing an airplane is the solution you choose, either internal or external professional management help is essential. Aircraft are complicated machines that require experienced specialists (i.e., crew, mechanics) to ensure safety and reliability. If you’re interested in going this route, Airshare has a team of specialists dedicated to helping you find an aircraft that fits your needs.




Regardless of which option you choose, private aviation gives you greater control and peace of mind. Both owning an aircraft and fractional ownership give you the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. A few benefits include:  

  • Flexibility and Control – When you fly private, you are in control of the itinerary and can determine when and where you fly. Private aircraft have access to over 5,000 airports, while the airlines have access to 500. Enjoy the ability to get closer to your destination and the freedom to make changes to your trip on the fly. 
  • Privacy and Comfort – Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, flying private allows for ultimate privacy. You’ll never have to worry about who’s on board because you are in control of who you are flying with. Have comfort in knowing you can pull up to the aircraft and walk directly onboard without the hassles of a commercial airport. 
  • Tax Deductions – Both fractional ownership and whole aircraft ownership allow you the opportunity to take advantage of depreciation and interest. 



Airshare is a complete aviation solution that provides a variety of programs to meet your needs. If you’re interested in an alternative to owning and operating your own aircraft or fractional ownership, we offer EMBARK Jet CardCharter, and Aircraft Management services. 


Jet cards are best for those who utilize private air travel for 5-10 trips annually. Our program provides access to 10 travel days with unlimited hours* over 24 months. Most jet cards require you to pay the balance in full upfront. Airshare only charges the program fee in advance. You then simply pay for your flight hours when you fly.  

Our EMBARK Jet Card gives you access to our Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 aircraft. With this option, you select your primary aircraft and then have the ability to interchange between both aircraft, making your flights as economical as possible.

Aircraft Management

We are the perfect solution if you want to own an aircraft but don’t want to worry about the excess baggage and commitment associated with whole aircraft ownership. When Airshare manages your aircraft, you gain your own personal flight department – a one-stop, complete with the finest maintenance, management, and scheduling experts. Take advantage of discounts on insurance, fuel, maintenance, and pilot training. You can also generate added revenue by chartering your aircraft through Airshare Charter Services. 

Charter Services

Whether it’s an impromptu business trip, celebrating a significant life moment, or a family getaway, chartering an aircraft is the way to go. We have a diverse fleet of aircraft for charter, with access to thousands of additional aircraft worldwide to accommodate your travel needs. Our team will work with you and your schedule to find the best aircraft for the trip.


Hear what our customers think of our program and how Airshare has helped them maximize their busy schedules.  

  • Patrick Mahomes  Kansas City Chiefs, Fractional Shareowner   
  • Andy Reid  Kansas City Chiefs, Fractional Shareowner  
  • Tom Watson – PGA Tour Golfer, Fractional Shareowner   
  • Rob Cohen  IMA Financial Group, Fractional Shareowner   
  • Madison Murphy  Murphy USA and Presqu’ile Winery, Fractional Shareowner   
  • Robert Phillips  Crestwood, Fractional Shareowner   
  • Randy Klindt – Conexon, Aircraft Management Customer 
  • and many more.  

Flying Airshare is safe, simple, and efficient. We offer comprehensive aviation solutions to fit your needs. With fractional ownership, private jet cards, charter services, and aircraft management, we’ve got you covered. 

Are you interested in learning more information about our programs? Please fill out our Travel Assessment form or contact us today.  



*Based on customer’s allocation of days with a maximum 14-hour crew duty day.  


* Rates shown are estimates only based on certain assumptions of Airshare. Rates for private jet travel do not include the acquisition or capital cost of the aircraft. Many factors affect the costs involved in operating business aircraft. The cost estimator is not intended as a budgeting tool and should not be relied upon as a prediction for the costs actually incurred. Airshare makes no representation or warranty to this effect and is not responsible for inaccurate prices. Rates shown do not consist of an offer by nor create any agreement of Airshare.

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