Private Jet Maintenance

Airshare is an FAA-certified provider of complete jet aircraft maintenance. Our technicians are factory trained and have extensive experience servicing Phenom 100, Phenom 300, Challenger 300 and 350, Citation 560 series, and Legacy/Praetor aircraft. As an Embraer Executive Jets Authorized Service Center for Phenom 100 and 300, we are held to the highest standards in aircraft care. Airshare is committed to keeping your aircraft safe and operational in the moments that matter most.  

Private jet maintenance is required to ensure the safe and reliable functioning of an aircraft during flight. For whole aircraft owners, aircraft maintenance typically falls on the owner to coordinate. Choosing the right company for maintenance is essential to the performance, longevity, safety, availability, and value of the aircraft. Our maintenance team provides full-service aircraft care, including routine inspections, repairs, avionics installation, and more.

No aircraft is exempt from maintenance. With regular usage, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance will occur. Think of your car, for instance. All vehicles must receive routine oil changes, but sometimes something unexpected occurs. Your battery may die, or a brake pad may wear out. Just like with your car, your aircraft has maintenance requirements. Learn more about frequently asked aircraft maintenance questions and how Airshare can help keep your aircraft safe and in the air. 

Why does a private jet need maintenance?

All aircraft, private or commercial, require routine maintenance inspections to ensure they are safe to operate and that all systems are in good working order. Aircraft maintenance requirements vary based on manufacturer and type. Inspections are performed to address possible failures before they become an issue.

How often do private jets need maintenance?

Private aircraft require frequent maintenance to offer a safe flying experience. Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance are both common in aircraft maintenance. There are a variety of calendar and hourly inspections usually set up on 12-month intervals and or 200, 400, 600, or 800-hour intervals.  Typically, the longer the interval, the more in-depth inspection. In addition, the more frequently an aircraft is flown, the more often it requires maintenance inspections. Unscheduled maintenance occurs when a component of the aircraft malfunctions. As referred to by its name, unscheduled maintenance is unforeseen and must be addressed prior to the next flight.

What factors can affect how often jets need to receive maintenance?

Private jets contain thousands of individual components. The two biggest factors impacting maintenance are aircraft age and flight hours. For each aircraft type, calendar and hourly maintenance intervals are set by the manufacturer. For the hourly inspections, the more the aircraft is flown, the more often the maintenance inspections must be completed. Flight hours create expected wear and tear on an aircraft and engine components, thus requiring more frequent maintenance. 

What services are included in a maintenance program?

Common maintenance services include, but are not limited to:  

  • Maintenance tracking  
  • Parts procurement  
  • Logbook research/entries  
  • Airworthiness Directives (ADs) compliance
  • Service bulletin compliance as requested
  • Pre-purchase (pre-buy) inspections
  • Scheduled maintenance  
  • Unscheduled maintenance  
  • Avionics installation  
  • Engine & APU maintenance and inspections 
  • Engineering & Certification/STCS 
  • Aircraft cleaning and detailing  
  • Repairs and part replacement  
  • AOG support at Airshare bases
  • Assist with finding AOG support away from Airshare bases
  • and more.

How does a private jet maintenance program work? 

Airshare offers ad-hoc request maintenance/inspections for aircraft owners; in addition, if the customer wishes, Airshare can manage maintenance tracking and has the capability to assist with AOG support, making maintenance turnkey for aircraft owners. We provide these services for all aircraft that we manage. When maintenance is required, the customer will work with an Airshare Customer Service Rep to identify the best time to complete the maintenance. 

What sets Airshare apart from other maintenance programs?

Airshare is a renowned service provider of aircraft maintenance services with over 20 years of experience. We have maintenance experience with multiple models of aircraft, competitive labor rates, and convenient locations. We are recognized as an Embraer Executive Jets Authorized Service Center for the Phenom 100 and 300, which holds us to the highest standards in aircraft maintenance. In fact, we often service some of our competitor’s aircraft.

Airshare is a one-stop-shop that offers aircraft owners peace of mind. We are an all-in-one service provider that offers aircraft management and maintenance. When you fly with us, you don’t have to worry about the difficulties of finding a trusted maintenance provider. Or, if you fly with us in our EMBARK or fractional program, you won’t need to worry about maintenance at all. Whatever you decide, we’ve got you covered. 

Maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated. Partner with a company that has an in-house maintenance team dedicated to delivering premium quality maintenance services to keep your aircraft safe and flying. 

Learn how Airshare can help maintain your personal or business private jet.