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The convenience of owning a private jet is unparalleled, but as with ownership of anything, there is upkeep and maintenance that must be performed. For an aircraft, keeping everything in good standing is highly critical from both a legal and most importantly, a safety perspective. Depending on the type of plane and where it is in its maintenance cycle there are numerous details to consider.

Utilizing an aircraft management company is the most efficient and stress-free way to ensure all FAA requirements are being followed and also provides peace of mind that you have a safe ride available whenever you desire.


Here is why Airshare is your ideal aircraft management partner:



Whether your aircraft is a business tool to help grow your company or simply for personal use, the time-consuming realities of aircraft ownership can be difficult to coordinate. Every owner, no matter the size of aircraft or hours of usage receives our highest level of service. As an FAA Part 145 repair station and Embraer Authorized Service Center, we provide fleet discounts on fuel, aircraft maintenance, training, subscriptions, Wi-Fi and insurance to our clients, which helps offset the cost of ownership.



Airshare offers answers derived from our experience and charter revenue through our Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate*. An aircraft owner whose aircraft is on a Part 135 certificate has the ability to fly their own flights under the less restrictive general operating rules of Part 91 but can, approve charter to third parties which creates income opportunities that will effectively reduce their annual cost of ownership. Owners always have the option to increase or decrease the availability of the aircraft for flights to generate more or less charter revenue. These opportunities come through our relationships with other charter businesses and our built-in EMBARK Jet Card and Fractional customers needing supplemental lift.



Airshare has worked hard to offer a product that is transparent and, in that effort, has seen tremendous growth. Our clients appreciate this aspect of Airshare because we give consultative advice and solutions. We are upfront that our revenue channels are through aircraft management fees and the ability to charter a client’s airplane. The fee is determined by the collective hours an owner estimates to fly versus the amount of time available for charter use. The lower the owner’s flying hours are, which allows more time to charter their plane, the lower the aircraft management fee will be and vice versa.



Airshare’s assistance is full-service and can start before a private jet has been purchased. We are happy to make introductions to trusted aircraft brokers, aviation attorneys and tax experts in order to ensure a seamless transaction. Once a decision has been made on the type of aircraft that best suits your needs, a proposal will be built around the desire for charter revenue coupled with an estimate of the annual hours of usage.


If you would like to learn more about our Aircraft Management program, please email Matt Hall at mhall@flyairshare.com.


*Air Carrier Operating Certificate #E07A355K Executive Flight Services, LLC (d/b/a Airshare)

Matt Hall has over 17 years experience within the industry and is the Aircraft Management Sales Director at Airshare