People Connecting Families

Airshare and Robert Fox are in the same business.

And not just because Fox is the chief executive officer of Conax Technologies, the western New York-based engineering and manufacturing business that works closely with aviation companies around the world.

“The way we run our business, it’s a business of people,” said Fox. “And what I saw from Airshare was how they valued people. They’re continuing to invest in training and getting the right people.”

“We can all fly the biggest planes, but the people are who matter. This is a people-centered business. They’re the ones who make the company great.”

High Marks for Professionalism

Years of travel in business aircraft has given Fox a unique perspective on the industry. Beginning with flying in company-owned aircraft, and eventually transitioning to Airshare’s fractional lease program, Fox has probably racked up as many miles as the pilots who have flown him.

Airshare pilots stand out for him, especially when they’re representing his business.

“There are going to be times where we will send an airplane to pick up customers of ours to come back to Buffalo. I see the way that the pilots, and the support crew on the ground are – absolutely professional,” Fox said. “I would not have a worry in the world having that team represent me. What I’ve seen for three or four years, and now with a significant sample size of both pilots and ground crew – extremely professional.”

He’s not the only one who notices the differences.

“The way the pilots are dressed. The ways that you see them get the airplane ready to fly,” Fox said. “Sitting in the back seat watching the cockpit, you can tell the pros from the jockeys. They’ve passed muster with me, and a number of times we’ve had people with us on the plane who are very experienced pilots. They unequivocally give Airshare extremely high marks.”

Safety Always Comes First

While Airshare offers efficient ways for businesses to maximize their budgets, Fox primarily uses his personal program days to return to northern Wisconsin to see his family. If he and his wife were to fly from Buffalo to the small, commercially underserved airports of the northwoods, each leg of the trip would take a full day of connections and layovers.

On Airshare’s Phenom 100? They can see grandkids in as little as an hour and 15 minutes, depending on headwinds or tailwinds.

Those flights fit Fox’s business schedule and offer convenience that’s impossible to get from commercial carriers. But they never come at the expense of safety.

“On one trip, the team was going through their pre-flight check. They have a total temperature and pressure sensor – a redundant system on the airplane,” said Fox, whose company manufactures those types of precision aircraft equipment. “One of them did not work. That plane could’ve flown, but I respected the fact they would not go with that plane under that circumstance. That speaks volumes to me.”

“ ‘We will only fly with two pilots,’ they also say. I think that’s critical. That diligence – that’s the difference between having an invested partner with you and having a taxi driver. Those are the things that just earn you more business. We see it when we have to replace the temperature sensor on gas turbines halfway around the world. Not everything is about a chance to sell. The equity and goodwill they’ve built up speaks volumes.”

‘We Just Don’t Have Bad Experiences’

Airshare doesn’t just connect Fox to his family, it also flies them, as well.

“The pilots know the kids, they know our dogs, and it’s not a tolerance thing. They actually care about them. There’s a connectedness,” Fox said. “I think that’s a huge advantage to what Airshare offers. We just don’t have bad experiences.”

Which brings Fox back to his No. 1 reason for selecting Airshare. The question he’s asked himself while flying impersonal travel alternatives.

“Do you want to be a number on a charge card, or a real person?”

For his family, the answer was obvious.

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